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Data Manager for Biomedical Researchers


Can you find your data? Your biomedical research laboratory probably includes a range of instruments that generate an overwhelming stream of valuable data. Even if each technology comes with its own software for data collection, it is unlikely that you are using a database approach that works across all of your instruments and input systems. It is even less likely that you have a system in place for storing your raw data in a way that it can be associated with the summary information that gives it context and ongoing usability.

You are not alone. Most researchers are awash in mountains of valuable data that is not searchable, is stored in multiple formats in multiple silos, and is often so inaccessible that labs will duplicate experiments just because they cannot find results from previous experiments. 

BioPathwise DM is a complete software solution for managing data. Complete with database and webserver, it is simple to set up and use.   Install it on a computer on your network, and you can begin to upload data from your lab and find it from anywhere.

How Does it Work?

BioPathwise DM  associates key experimental information with your instruments’ raw data in a searchable, sharable, publishable environment.  Your database is “future-proofed” because it is not limited to a particular instrument or data type. BioPathwise DM readily provides security and access to new data formats and new instruments, and helps to “future proof” your data to changes in technology and personnel.

Developed with significant input from researchers in numerous labs, BioPathwise DM will give your lab an efficiency advantage that will allow you to focus on what’s important. It is scalable from small collaborative groups through enterprise research environments, and is specifically designed to seamlessly accommodate data from new experiments or even new instruments.

BioPathwise™  and BioPathwise DM were selected by the NIAID for the PRIME immune modeling for biodefense center under contract NIAID HHSN266200500021C.   Together, BioPathwise and BioPathwise DM help researchers manage and share their models and data with the immunology
research community.


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BioPathwise DM helps your lab to capture, secure, search, share, and publish your valuable insights.

Protect any kind of data– images, spreadsheets, documents– from any instrument.

Install it on your network, and it will provide easy web access to your data from various locations.


Future Proof Your Data